superformance_varmint_beauty_18At Gun and Country we stock wide range ammunition to suit all of the shooters needs.

We have a large range of ammunition from rimfire, including sub-sonic, high velocity & target .22LR plus .17HMR through to the most popular centre fire rounds for hunting and pest control. We also carry stock of blank firing rounds.

Ammunition in the UK is currently having a few challengers with stock levels and we are doing our best to keep our stock    levels up. If you can’t see what you need for below then please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can try and source what you are looking for.

DescriptionOptionCalibreWeightPack QntyPrice
Hornady Varmit Express 17HMR 17 gr VMAXV-MAX17 HMR17gr50£17.86
Hornady Superformance 17 Hornet 20gr V-MAXV-MAX17 Hornet20gr25£20.75
Hornady Varmit Express 22 Hornet 35 gr VMAXV-MAX22 Hornet35gr25£19.50
Eley Sport 22 LRSubsonic22 LR40gr50£4.40
Eley High VelocityHigh Velocity22 LR50£5.80
Eley Club 22 LRSubsonic22 LR50£5.56
Eley Subsonic Hollow 22 LRSubsonic22 LR40gr50£5.80
RWS Semi Auto Sport Line 22 LRSemi Auto22 LR40gr50£4.99
Eley 22 LR High Velocity short solidHigh Velocity22 LR50£2.50
Eley Contact Subsonic Auto 22 LRSubsonic22 LR50£6.20
Hornady NTX Varmint 204 24grNTX20424GR20£21.40
Hornady SPF Varmint 204 32grSPF20432gr20£19.38
Norma 223 Rem 50g V-Max HornadyV-MAX22350gr20£22.23
Fiocchi 223 Rem 50g V-MaxV-MAX22350gr50£41.78
Hornady Custom 223 55gr V-MaxV-MAX22355gr20£19.75
RWS 0375 H&H MagH&H Mag375299gr20£38.72
Hornady American Whitetail 243 WIN 100gr InterLockInterLock243 WIN100gr20£23.79
Norma 243 Win Soft Point 100grSoft Point243 WIN100gr20£38.33
Hornady TAP 308 Win A-Max 168grA-MAX243 WIN168gr20£28.06
Hornady Superformance 243 58gr GMXV-MAX243 WIN58gr20£25.40
Norma 243 V-MaxV-MAX243 WIN75gr20£24.49
Remington Accutip 243 WIN 75gr243 WIN243 WIN75gr20£26.25
Geco 243 Win Express 76gr b.TipBT243 WIN76gr20£26.90
Hornady Superformance 243 WIN 80gr GMXGMX243 WIN80gr20£33.00
Norma 308 BST 150grBST308 WIN150gr20£20.00
Hornady American Whitetail 308 Win 150gr InterlockINTERLOCK308 WIN150gr20£23.70
Norma 6.5x55 120g Nosler BSTBST6.5X55120gr20£42.09