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gun room 2Sale Sale Sale: Up to £100 off some Air Rifles!

See table below for full list of savings available on our current range of Air Rifles and Pistols:

We stock air rifles from the young beginner’s first gun to the more experienced latest electronic pre-charged rifles. We also carry a full range of centre fire and rimfire rifles.

As well as a large selection of clay and game shotguns we are stockist for most of the major brands so why not pop in and see what we can offer. Our shop is a wonderful place to browse around and we’re sure you’ll find something of interest to enhance your shooting experience. Below is a list of the some of the guns we currently have in stock:

Gun_TypeMechanismCalibreGun_MakeGun_ModelDescriptionSale PriceNormal Retail PriceConditionStockCode
Air PistolPre-Charged Pneumatic.177SMKVictory PP700WVictory PP700W .177139.99169.99New gun01779
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22BSAR10 SE Walnut R/H Super CarbineBSA R10 SE Walnut .22729.00829.00New gun01747
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22BSAScorpion SE Camo RealtreeBSA Scorpion SE .22 - CAMO Realtree499.00595.00New gun01913
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22BSAScorpion SEBSA Scorpion SE .22 Multi Shot Beech449.00549.00New gun01720
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.177BSAScorpion SEBSA Scorpion SE .177 Multi Shot Beech449.00549.00New gun01690
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22WebleyRaider 12Webley Raider 12 Quantum .22 425.00499.00New gun01902
Air RifleUnder Lever.22Air ArmsTX200 BeechAir Arms TX Hunter Carbine Beech R/H .22395.00449.99New gun01620
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22GamoCoyoteGamo Coyote Beech .22325.00399.00New gun01907
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.22HatsanAT44X-10 Syn BlkHatsan AT44-10 Syn Blk .22325.00399.00New gun01825
Air RifleBreak Barrel.22BenjaminTrail Nitro PistonBenjamin Trail NP .22 inc scope/bag249.00325.00Usedgun01387
Air RifleBreak Barrel.22BSALightning XL SE GRTLIGHTNING XL SE GRT .22 Synthetic230.00299.99Usedgun01751
Air RifleGas Ram.22DianaMauser AM03 Pro Compact BlkMauser AM03 Pro Compact Blk .22225.00274.99New gun01548
Air RiflePre-Charged Pneumatic.177SMKPR900WVictory PR900W .177149.99199.00New gun01798
Air RifleUnder Lever.177NoricaDream HunterNorica Dream Hunter .177 Synth and scope129.99150.00Usedgun01553
Air RifleBreak Barrel.22Hatsan60S TG VHatsan 60S TG Voretex Gas Ram .22125.00160.00New gun01713
Air RifleBreak Barrel.22BSAMeteorBSA Meteor Evo Silentium .22 Black99.00129.00New gun01757
Air RifleBreak Barrel.22Hatsan900XHatsan 900X .2299.00120.00New gun01559
Air RifleBreak Barrel.177GamoJunior HunterGamo Junior Hunter .17765.0099.00New gun01201
Air Rifle3Under Lever.177Diana470 Target Hunter THDiana 470 Target Hunter TH .177395.00495.00New gun01809
ModeratorScrew Fix.223ASEAU Jet ZASE Utra Jet Z .223 1/2 unf195.00Usedgun00207
RifleBolt Action.22BRNO CZ452 -2E ZKMCZ 452 ZE KNM Black S/S .22320.00Usedgun01056
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American RedCZ455 American Red .22 incl Mod and scope499.00New gun01956
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 Varmint TH Yellow LaminateCZ455 Thumbhole Laminate Yellow 750.00Usedgun01694
RifleBolt Action.22CZ455CZ455 American 16 .22LR Synthetic mod Barrel599.00New gun01531
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American RedCZ455 American Red .22459.00New gun01495
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 Varmint TH Yellow LaminateCZ455 Varmint TH .22 LR Yellow Laminate799.00New gun01494
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 Evolution GreenCZ455 Evolution Green .22 599.00New gun01407
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American 16 SyntheticCZ455 American 16 .22 LR Synthetic375.00New gun01384
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American WalnutCZ455 American 16 .22 Walnut470.00New gun01382
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American WalnutCZ455 American 16 .22 Walnut470.00New gun01135
RifleBolt Action.22CZCZ455 American 16 SyntheticCZ455 American 16 .22 LR Synthetic395.00New gun00920
RifleBolt Action.308Howa1500 SporterHowa 1500 Sporter with GRS Stock .308 24 Blued Varmint Heavy Barrel899.00New gun00368
RifleBolt Action.22MarlinXT-22RMarlin XT-22R .22LR299.00New gun01362
RifleBolt Action.223Remington700 SPS VarmintRemington 700 ADL Tactical FDE .223699.00New gun01482
RifleBolt Action.222Remington700 CDL SFRemington 700 BDL .222425.00Usedgun00913
RifleBolt Action.22Ruger77/22Ruger 77/22 All Weather .22LR399.00Usedgun01664
RifleBolt Action.17Ruger77-17Ruger 77/17 Grey T/H laminte695.00Usedgun01601
RifleBolt Action.22RugerAmericanRuger .22 LR American Rimfire420.00New gun01156
RifleBolt Action.243WinchesterModel 70 CoyoteWinchester Model 70 Coyote Lite .243745.00Usedgun00412
ShotgunSingle Shot12GBaikalIJ 18 EBaikal 12G Singel Barrel45.00Usedgun00679
ShotgunSemi-Automatic12GBeretta302Beretta A 302 12G Semi Auto245.00Usedgun01034
ShotgunBreak Barrel9 mmChiappalittle badgerChiappa Little badger DLX 9mm Garden Gun wooden stock199.00New gun01932
ShotgunOver and Under12GFranchiAlcioneFranchi Alcione One 12G675.00Usedgun01676
ShotgunSemi-Automatic12GHatsanEscort MagnumHatsan Escort Magnum 12G387.00New gun01533
ShotgunSemi-Automatic12GHatsanEscort MagnumHatsan Escort Magnum 12G375.00New gun01326
ShotgunSemi-Automatic12GHatsanEscort MagnumHatsan Magnum 12G semi auto275.00Usedgun01240
Shotgun FACSemi Auto12GBrowningBrowning Auto 5 FAC350.00Usedgun00834